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Thank you for visiting our website which we hope will find of interest - we trust you’ll also come across the information you’re looking for here.


Please feel free to leave a comment on our forum or in our visitors’ book and please do tell others about this site; making as many people as possible aware of our campaign.


Whether you’re a friend of, or know one of the victims who has posted a testimony on this site, perhaps a friend or acquaintance of one of the founders of La Parole Libérée (Lift the Burdon of Silence), why not call, text or E-mail them to commend them on their courage in having spoken out or for having embarked upon this fight? Whilst any such action will, of course, be appreciated, both the founders and members of the association extending their thanks in advance, it will not, however, if you’ll excuse our frankness, be enough.


Setting up and running an association such as ours has been no easy matter. Whilst it has, first and foremost, been based on a great deal of courage and will, a certain degree of unawareness involved in ‘taking the decision’ to come forward and being prepared to speak out for everyone to hear, was also necessary. Those who were to testify also had to be prepared to expose their families; their parents, brothers, sisters, wives and children.


A great deal of time and energy has been, and indeed still is, involved in a whole array of key activities such as contacting and gaining the interest of the press/media, handling their requests, contacting legal and Church authorities, relentlessly sourcing new testimonies, finding additional links to documentary resources, writing articles, circulating information, ‘updating’ the website, correspondence, organising evidence, meetings, phone calls, exchanges… all whilst trying to lead a ‘normal’ life on both a professional and personal level.



Staying on track, remaining focused, circulating just the right amount of information, not becoming discouraged, not giving up, not becoming obsessed…all this has imposed a very fine balance and, as already said, has demanded a great deal of time and energy; more than one might imagine possible.


That said, both the time and energy invested in this campaign have been given freely and gladly; the only ‘difficult’ – here read ‘soul-destroying’ or ‘deeply disturbing’ - part having been listening to or reading the testimonies of those former boy-scouts, some of whom we met in person, who, to varying extents, had part of their lives ruined through being abused by one particular priest – an Abbot to give him correct title.


Some victims’ shut-down of their painful memories had been so total that when they relive the past and events resurge as the truth, the distress they experience is acute.


There have also been a few ‘strange’ moments, a few crises situations and a certain amount of stress because an association is a living entity; it’s like a body – a collection of personalities, all different but united by the same central point and driven by a fierce determination, which is channelled and given direction by the association.



Whilst motivated by the common, firm conviction that their campaign is justified, perhaps noble even, members of La Parole Libérée are aware that apart from enabling them to finally rid themselves of the mental burden they have respectively borne, their efforts except on a moral level, will not result in either justice or compensation.


This, however, is unimportant, as they have taken up this fight for the sake of their children and their children’s children; so that what happened is acknowledged as having taken place and, above all, is never allowed to happen again. People who abuse children must not be allowed to get away with their crimes, and perpetrators, whoever they happen to be, must be punished accordingly. There can be no exemption for those who claim to serve God along with all those who, through ‘an act, a thought or failure to act’ may have helped to protect a member of the clergy and thus allowed them to escape the consequences they deserved.


The association and its members are not looking to seek vengeance and are not motivated by hate.


Should you therefore be wondering why we’ve gone to such lengths to explain all this, the answer is simple: we need your support. We need your support in any way you may care to offer it, but above all we need you to become a member of our association La Parole Libérée.


For us, every new member represents an additional pillar of support and builds up our strength. Any contribution in support of our campaign will boost and further our efforts, giving us greater independence.


That there are people who believe our campaign to be just is reassuring. Every additional person who joins our association confirms that our initial decision; to help lift the burden of silence and to serve as a platform on which the testimonies of those who were gravely wronged and forced to suffer in silence for so many years, could finally be given a voice. Every new member represents another helping hand reaching out to those victims who have still not dared to come forward.


So please JOIN US if you can! Asking for financial support is not easy without appearing to ‘haggle’, but we trust you will have found our discourse an honest one.

Membership is the modest sum of 10 Euros.

Over and above this sum, however, we are, of course, counting on YOU.

The more members we have, the more influence we’ll have and the more we’ll be taken seriously; the more people will hear what we have to say.

With only ten or so members the association managed to obtain media coverage on a national level. Imagine what we might achieve today with almost 150 members; that’s 150 individuals sharing the same goal and perhaps even more tomorrow if you’ll join us!

Whilst looking through the various pages of this site, please bear this request in mind. 





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